Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday cheer.

Great shots, huh! Yay Christmas!!!

Come on threadless!!

I want my new threadless orders now! And my old one that I had to return for the right size!! But now it seems the one I was exchanging it for is gone. Whether my exchange went through or not I have no idea. I haven't even received an email or anything saying that they got it. I sent it a week ago and it said it was shipped to the address it said to send it to but now I know nothing. I really hope I got the exchange I wanted because that shirt was so amazing! I want them I want them!!! I feel so helpless!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday number four is a good one.

A few shots from Templer's fourth birthday party a few hours ago.
That's the birthday boy in the middle and the co stars of the party.

There is my pretty Chole!

Chole and her favorite sister.

Lindsay eating some yummy mac and cheese.

I think they are some darn pretty girls don't you agree.

Templer opening his presents! Such a happy kid, huh?

Lindsay wasn't paying any attention to the present opening,
she was completely absorbed in this toy she found.

After he was done he gave everyone a hug and said thank you,
and showed all of the kids some of his toys.

This is a picture of Chole's feet and my feet. We're cute.
-Just Jenn

Monday, November 19, 2007

My top 100

Jenn's Hot 100-I wrote this May 2007. I have a list with pictures too and it's a work of art, want to see it, tell me.

1. Katherine Heigl- Grey's Anatomy, Knocked Up

2. Missy Peregrym- Stick It, Heroes

3. Autumn Reeser- The O.C.

4. Mandy Moore- Because I Said So

5. Hayden Panettiere- Heroes

6. Holly Madison- Hugh Hefners #1 girlfriend

7. Alexandra Chando- As The World Turns

8. Miranda Kerr- New Victoria's Secret Model

9. Lacey Chabert- Mean Girls

10. Scarlet Johanson- Who doesn't know her?

11. Katherine McPhee- American Idol

12. Noureen DeWulf- Hot

13. Brittney Snow- John Tucker Must Die

14. Kara Monaco- Playmate of the Year 2006

15. Jessica Alba- Fantastic 4

16. Erica Durance- Smallville

17. Vanessa Lengies- Stick It, The Perfect Man

18. Kelly Pickler- American Idol

19. Ivanka Trump- Donald Trump's daughter

20. Jennifer Love Hewitt- Ghost Whisperer, Can't Hardly Wait

21. Elisha Cuthbert- The Girl Next Door

22. Rachel McAdams- The Notebook, Wedding Crashers

23. Ashlee Simpson- Everyone knows her too

24. Natalie Portman- Closer, Garden State

25. Vanessa Carlton- Singer

26. Whitney Port- The Hills

27. Michelle Branch- Singer

28. Reese Witherspoon- Legally Blonde

29. Norah Jones- Singer

30. Mary Elizabeth Winstead- Grindhouse

31. Kelly Clarkson- American Idol

32. Bridget Marquardt- The Girls Next Door, Hef's #2

33. Kate Winslet- Titanic, Finding Neverland, Last Holiday

34. Michelle Trachtenberg- Eurotrip, Ice Princess

35. Rachel Bilson- The O.C., Tha Last Kiss

36. Kristin Davis- Sex and the City

37. Lauren Graham- Gilmore Girls, Bad Santa, Because I Said So

38. Adriana Lima- Victoria's Secret Model

39. Ali Larter- Heroes, Legally Blonde

40. Hilary Duff- Singer type person

41. Carrie Underwood- American Idol

42. Anne Hathaway- The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries

43. Kristen Bell- Veronica Mars, Heroes

44. Sarah Silverman- The Sarah Silverman Program, hilarious

45. Morgan Webb- X-play

46. Avril Lavigne- Singer

47. Jamie-Lynn Sigler- Sapranos

48. Rachel Weisz- The Mummy 1 and 2

49. Christina Aguilera- Singer

50. Sandra Bullock- You know her

51. Portia de Rossi- Arrested Development

52. Kendra Wilkinson- The Girls Next Door, Hef's #3

53. Kate Beckinsale- Pearl Harbor, other stuff

54. Tara Conner- Miss USA, party girl

55. Alexis Bledel- Gilmore Girls, Sin City

56. Paris Hilton- Jail, porn

57. Tyra Banks- Model, America's Next Top Model

58. Kate Bosworth- Superman, Blue Crush

59. Eva Longoria- Desperate Housewives

60. Jayma Mays- Epic Movie, Heroes

61. Emma Watson- Harry Potter 1-6

62. Drew Barrymore- Music and Lyrics, Charlie's Angels

63. Gisele Bundchen- Victoria's Secret Model

64. Kelly Carlson- Nip Tuck

65. Kelly Ripa- Live with Regis and Kelly

66. Heidi Klum- Victoria's Secret Model, Project Runway

67. Alyssa Milano- Charmed

68. Britney Spears- dirty woman

69. Nicole Linkletter- America's Next Top Model 2005

70. Jennifer Aniston- Friends, The Break Up

71. Lauren Conrad- The Hills

72. Audrina Patridge- The Hills

73. Tina Fey- 30 Rock, Mean Girls, SNL

74. Sarah Chalke- Scrubs

75. Giada De Laurentiis- Everyday Italian

76. Anna Popplewell- The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

77. Heidi Montag- The Hills, bad friend

78. Misha Barton- The O.C.

79. Liv Tyler- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

80. Eva Mendes- Hitch, Ghost Rider

81. Alyson Hannigan- How I met Your Mother

82. Elizabeth Hurley- Bedazzled

83. Julia Roberts- Pretty Woman

84. Jessica Biel- 7th Heaven

85. Emma Roberts- Nancy Drew

86. Cobie Smulders- How I met Your Mother

87. Lindsay Lohan- Mean Girls

88. Kat Von D- Miami Ink

89. Jennifer Garner- 13 Going on 30

90. Jenny McCarthy- John Tucker Must Die

91. Rihanna- Singer (kind of)

92. Katherine Zeta Jones- Chicago

93. Cote de Pablo- Navy NCIS

94. Ashley Judd- I have no clue

95. Bonnie Wright- Happy Potter movies

96. Claire Danes- Romeo and Juliet

97. Tori Spelling- nothing

98. Kristen Kreuk- Smallville, Eurotrip

99. Amy Smart- Scrubs, Just Friends

100. Julia Stiles- The Prince and Me

Monday, November 5, 2007

California Trip

View from the plane on the way to California.

My big sister Carrie in a big hat.

My younger sister Aimee in an even bigger hat.

The beach. Cool sand, huh?

My cool feet.

La Joila beach with Aimee.

Cool sign.

Cool water.

The lone pigeon.

San Clemente.

Another loner.

Shampaine night!

I mean Champagne and crafts night.

Carrie's bird Scarlet and I.

Old Town San Diego apparently a lot of people were hung
from this tree back in the day. Creepy.

This place has the prettiest lights ever! Buy me one!

My cousin Robbie! He's great!
And that was pretty much it except we never got any pictures of all of us on the canoe and kayak or the paddle boat. All in all it sure was a great trip, but I missed my Chole!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Is Fun!

This was earlier today and Lindsay was rolling rocks down the slide and was extremely excited by it!!

Throwing leaves at mommy! Yay! Even Jakey did it a lot!!

Family! Unfortunately Lindsay's face was funny.

Swinging with Auntie Aimee yesterday!

She loves to swing like a big girl!

Aimee swinging and being a beautiful dork!

Lindsay playing peek-a-boo.

Worlds smartest husband.

Aimee being modest. Kind of.

Aimee getting into mischief.

I love Fall!

And I love my Lindsay!

Who wouldn't love that face?

A crazy person, that's who! Everyone loves a pretty Linny!
-Just Jenn

Monday, October 29, 2007

Second Try

Here is a recent shot of my kido, and her new toy, Slimy the worm. And the rest of these are shots from last night with Chole. I know. The order is off. Just pretend. I told you I was new at this.

I wonder who N and P are...

Another shot of the prettiest girls ever!

Play ground time.

We went to Satellite. I got hot chocolate because I am lame.

Oh that's who N and P are. I would have never guessed.

We also went to the airport and got fried ice cream from Garduno's. Yummy.

And that was our night, in a nut shell.
-Just Jenn

First time.

Well, last night Nichole (better known as Chole) and I hung out and took pictures and I decided to start this up. Bare with me. I'm a newbie and this may take me a while.

Yeah this is definitly going to take a few lessons. Why, oh why is that picture mysteriously hanging above my writing?? Okay, never fear folks. This will be updated and you will see lots o' images. Just as soon as I get Chole's pretty little tush over here! Tune in next time for the rambelings of a silly girl!
-Just Jenn