Monday, November 19, 2007

My top 100

Jenn's Hot 100-I wrote this May 2007. I have a list with pictures too and it's a work of art, want to see it, tell me.

1. Katherine Heigl- Grey's Anatomy, Knocked Up

2. Missy Peregrym- Stick It, Heroes

3. Autumn Reeser- The O.C.

4. Mandy Moore- Because I Said So

5. Hayden Panettiere- Heroes

6. Holly Madison- Hugh Hefners #1 girlfriend

7. Alexandra Chando- As The World Turns

8. Miranda Kerr- New Victoria's Secret Model

9. Lacey Chabert- Mean Girls

10. Scarlet Johanson- Who doesn't know her?

11. Katherine McPhee- American Idol

12. Noureen DeWulf- Hot

13. Brittney Snow- John Tucker Must Die

14. Kara Monaco- Playmate of the Year 2006

15. Jessica Alba- Fantastic 4

16. Erica Durance- Smallville

17. Vanessa Lengies- Stick It, The Perfect Man

18. Kelly Pickler- American Idol

19. Ivanka Trump- Donald Trump's daughter

20. Jennifer Love Hewitt- Ghost Whisperer, Can't Hardly Wait

21. Elisha Cuthbert- The Girl Next Door

22. Rachel McAdams- The Notebook, Wedding Crashers

23. Ashlee Simpson- Everyone knows her too

24. Natalie Portman- Closer, Garden State

25. Vanessa Carlton- Singer

26. Whitney Port- The Hills

27. Michelle Branch- Singer

28. Reese Witherspoon- Legally Blonde

29. Norah Jones- Singer

30. Mary Elizabeth Winstead- Grindhouse

31. Kelly Clarkson- American Idol

32. Bridget Marquardt- The Girls Next Door, Hef's #2

33. Kate Winslet- Titanic, Finding Neverland, Last Holiday

34. Michelle Trachtenberg- Eurotrip, Ice Princess

35. Rachel Bilson- The O.C., Tha Last Kiss

36. Kristin Davis- Sex and the City

37. Lauren Graham- Gilmore Girls, Bad Santa, Because I Said So

38. Adriana Lima- Victoria's Secret Model

39. Ali Larter- Heroes, Legally Blonde

40. Hilary Duff- Singer type person

41. Carrie Underwood- American Idol

42. Anne Hathaway- The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries

43. Kristen Bell- Veronica Mars, Heroes

44. Sarah Silverman- The Sarah Silverman Program, hilarious

45. Morgan Webb- X-play

46. Avril Lavigne- Singer

47. Jamie-Lynn Sigler- Sapranos

48. Rachel Weisz- The Mummy 1 and 2

49. Christina Aguilera- Singer

50. Sandra Bullock- You know her

51. Portia de Rossi- Arrested Development

52. Kendra Wilkinson- The Girls Next Door, Hef's #3

53. Kate Beckinsale- Pearl Harbor, other stuff

54. Tara Conner- Miss USA, party girl

55. Alexis Bledel- Gilmore Girls, Sin City

56. Paris Hilton- Jail, porn

57. Tyra Banks- Model, America's Next Top Model

58. Kate Bosworth- Superman, Blue Crush

59. Eva Longoria- Desperate Housewives

60. Jayma Mays- Epic Movie, Heroes

61. Emma Watson- Harry Potter 1-6

62. Drew Barrymore- Music and Lyrics, Charlie's Angels

63. Gisele Bundchen- Victoria's Secret Model

64. Kelly Carlson- Nip Tuck

65. Kelly Ripa- Live with Regis and Kelly

66. Heidi Klum- Victoria's Secret Model, Project Runway

67. Alyssa Milano- Charmed

68. Britney Spears- dirty woman

69. Nicole Linkletter- America's Next Top Model 2005

70. Jennifer Aniston- Friends, The Break Up

71. Lauren Conrad- The Hills

72. Audrina Patridge- The Hills

73. Tina Fey- 30 Rock, Mean Girls, SNL

74. Sarah Chalke- Scrubs

75. Giada De Laurentiis- Everyday Italian

76. Anna Popplewell- The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

77. Heidi Montag- The Hills, bad friend

78. Misha Barton- The O.C.

79. Liv Tyler- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

80. Eva Mendes- Hitch, Ghost Rider

81. Alyson Hannigan- How I met Your Mother

82. Elizabeth Hurley- Bedazzled

83. Julia Roberts- Pretty Woman

84. Jessica Biel- 7th Heaven

85. Emma Roberts- Nancy Drew

86. Cobie Smulders- How I met Your Mother

87. Lindsay Lohan- Mean Girls

88. Kat Von D- Miami Ink

89. Jennifer Garner- 13 Going on 30

90. Jenny McCarthy- John Tucker Must Die

91. Rihanna- Singer (kind of)

92. Katherine Zeta Jones- Chicago

93. Cote de Pablo- Navy NCIS

94. Ashley Judd- I have no clue

95. Bonnie Wright- Happy Potter movies

96. Claire Danes- Romeo and Juliet

97. Tori Spelling- nothing

98. Kristen Kreuk- Smallville, Eurotrip

99. Amy Smart- Scrubs, Just Friends

100. Julia Stiles- The Prince and Me


CholE said...

Jenn, you're nuts! ...and I'm lame! I don't even know who half of these people are! I tried to come up with a top 5 (haha, that's how pathetic I am)... and I didn't even know where to start! :/

Just Jenn said...

That list took me about a month ad everyday while watching tv or browsing the internet I would just think of new girls and eventualy got to like 120 and than narrowed it down and put them in order. Personality was a factor to, and acting ability.