Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday cheer.

Great shots, huh! Yay Christmas!!!

Come on threadless!!

I want my new threadless orders now! And my old one that I had to return for the right size!! But now it seems the one I was exchanging it for is gone. Whether my exchange went through or not I have no idea. I haven't even received an email or anything saying that they got it. I sent it a week ago and it said it was shipped to the address it said to send it to but now I know nothing. I really hope I got the exchange I wanted because that shirt was so amazing! I want them I want them!!! I feel so helpless!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday number four is a good one.

A few shots from Templer's fourth birthday party a few hours ago.
That's the birthday boy in the middle and the co stars of the party.

There is my pretty Chole!

Chole and her favorite sister.

Lindsay eating some yummy mac and cheese.

I think they are some darn pretty girls don't you agree.

Templer opening his presents! Such a happy kid, huh?

Lindsay wasn't paying any attention to the present opening,
she was completely absorbed in this toy she found.

After he was done he gave everyone a hug and said thank you,
and showed all of the kids some of his toys.

This is a picture of Chole's feet and my feet. We're cute.
-Just Jenn