Monday, October 29, 2007

First time.

Well, last night Nichole (better known as Chole) and I hung out and took pictures and I decided to start this up. Bare with me. I'm a newbie and this may take me a while.

Yeah this is definitly going to take a few lessons. Why, oh why is that picture mysteriously hanging above my writing?? Okay, never fear folks. This will be updated and you will see lots o' images. Just as soon as I get Chole's pretty little tush over here! Tune in next time for the rambelings of a silly girl!
-Just Jenn

1 comment:

CholE said...

YAY Jenn! :) Welcome! I'm going to post a "Welcome Jenn" blog as soon as I get home (where my photos of you are) lol.

Oh, you can drag the photos to wherever you like, but blogger automatically puts 'em on the top (one of there annoying features).

Love the graffiti photo! XOXOXO!