Monday, October 29, 2007

Second Try

Here is a recent shot of my kido, and her new toy, Slimy the worm. And the rest of these are shots from last night with Chole. I know. The order is off. Just pretend. I told you I was new at this.

I wonder who N and P are...

Another shot of the prettiest girls ever!

Play ground time.

We went to Satellite. I got hot chocolate because I am lame.

Oh that's who N and P are. I would have never guessed.

We also went to the airport and got fried ice cream from Garduno's. Yummy.

And that was our night, in a nut shell.
-Just Jenn

1 comment:

CholE said...

Graffiti is beautiful, I don't care what anyone says. So is your kid! LOVE HER! ...and Slimy, love him too! I think Carl the Gay Geko deserves a post... and we need another night out (but then again, when don't we?!)! I can't wait to get home and look at all the shitty photos I took!
(...who ever she is... even though she mispells "nickel" all the goddamned time... FUCK dyslexia! you happen to have "pink-out?" or maybe white-out plus a pink marker? DAMN! We won't even talk about the other mess I made.)