Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comic Con

Something just occurred to me. Comic Con happened recetly. I wished I could have gone, mostly for all of the twilight junk. I've been reading a bunch of stuff about it to feel like I was there and I heard that some people were wearing shirts that said, "Twilight ruined my Comic Con" or something to that effect. Yes, I realize Twilight has next to nothing to do with Comic Con but it seems silly to wear a shirt that says that. It's possible I know nothing about Comic Con since I have never been there but, I've got the feeling that most of the Comic Con attendees BT (before Twilight) were mostly dudes. And not very attractive dudes at that. Shouldn't they be a little happy about meeting new chicks? Eh, whatever. Just a thought. Hey, haters, be nice.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Recent work.

I usually never post pictures of the things I paint and now I regret that because now I have a whole lot of paintings I gave as gifts and I don't have anything to show for that hard work anymore. At least I know they are being enjoyed wherever they are. I'll post what I got to spread more joy. This is what I got...

a butterfly painting for Lindsay.

a painting I did for Alanna for her birthday.

a painting I did for Tadi for her birthday.

a painting for Aimee for being the best sister ever and because I missed her.

and last, but not least, my Alice Cullen mini Munny doll!
I am very proud of all of them.
Just so you know these pictures were all taken on my phone. My new camera is on it's way to me!