Friday, July 24, 2009

Recent work.

I usually never post pictures of the things I paint and now I regret that because now I have a whole lot of paintings I gave as gifts and I don't have anything to show for that hard work anymore. At least I know they are being enjoyed wherever they are. I'll post what I got to spread more joy. This is what I got...

a butterfly painting for Lindsay.

a painting I did for Alanna for her birthday.

a painting I did for Tadi for her birthday.

a painting for Aimee for being the best sister ever and because I missed her.

and last, but not least, my Alice Cullen mini Munny doll!
I am very proud of all of them.
Just so you know these pictures were all taken on my phone. My new camera is on it's way to me!

1 comment:

Gaby Morales said...

Oooh my favorite is the birdies one!!