Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dom's Birthday Fun!

Chris and I went to Dominic's Birthday Party on Saturday night. And to get things going we played 'Pin the kiss on the Jonas!!' So much fun!

This was Nick before we attacked him with kisses!

Birthday Boy first!

He didn't do so good. But that's ok.

Next it was me, And I didn't do so good either.

Then Chris.

I got in the way. He really wants Nick, not me.

He was the only person that gave the poster an open mouth kiss.
He just wanted the biggest lips!

Loved this girl. Hannah was her name and being adorable is her game!

Her friend Zach.

She was the winner. No real prize, but the winner non the less.


A fellow Twilight-er, Melissa!

Grandma's turn!

Dom's brother!

Mom's turn!!!!

Poor Nick after we got to him. So much fun, though!!!

Jell-O shots.

I did not like them.

The Charleston. It always gets the party started.

Then Gaby and Chole showed up.


Gaby's turn.

Chole next.


Chole got kissed too.

All in all, everyone had an awesome time, and Dom had a great birthday.

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