Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My turn.

First Chole has a bunch of shows she wants to see out of state now me. The Starting Line is in Texas this week. Not terribly far away, but just far enough. I always wanted to see them! I had the chance three years ago and my genius partner in crime and I said, "Naaa, let's be way cooler and go steal a stop sign." Huge mistake, time with that person and not going and meeting Jake for the first time. I made terrible choices. Does anyone have an idea how to go to Texas for free. Of course I do know Texas is such a terrible place but I would put up with it for The Starting Line any day. Especially since I am way more of a fan of them now then I used to be! I want to go!! I want to see that great funny looking singer with the amazing voice! Sigh...

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