Monday, March 31, 2008

Zoo Trip 2008

Lindsay at Subway before the zoo.

On our way to the zoo! Yay!

A cool bird that was getting walked around. Not a baby. Full grown, cute huh?

Lindsay watching the kangaroos sleep.

She ran away so her other parents went and got her.

Lindsay on the kamono dragon.
Jake and the 'keep out house'. Silly.
Jake and the elephants. The girls and boys had to be seperated.
If you saw the boy, you'd know why.

We were at the koala place and this was taken right before the trip was ruined. Lindsay got sick and has been sick ever since. The poor thing feels terrible! Hopefully she will get better soon.
But before that the zoo was awesome.


CholE said...

I love the threadless-ness of this blog... I'm sorry Lindsay is sick :( poor kid... we'll have to take a trip to the zoo soon!

CholE said...

Oh yeah, about the boy elephant... they should change the expression to "hung like an elephant" - haha... we got some great photos when we went - haha.