Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damn that sucks.

So, there's this show on TLC (have I ever mentioned my unnatural hatred for the letters T-L-C? No. Most likely I haven't, because that is a very long story. And a bad story at that). So this show, it's called John and Kate Plus Eight. And if you haven't guessed it's about these two poor souls who got pregnant and had twins times three. I think its called octuplet's, well, I don't think it's called octuplet's. I know it is. I went to Anyway, Not only can I not imagine pushing seven more kids out of my who-ha right after going through the hell of birthing one, but everyday of life after would just totally and completely suck! Unless if you do what this John and Kate did and make a reality tv show to show everyone your terrible life. Talk about a horror show! Poor devils. In case you were wondering, I've never watched this show. I only just saw an ad for a new episode. That's such a bad idea for a show. Yes, it would remind me that I don't have it so bad but I would be scared of it happening to me. I'd have night mares. For real. Nightmares. Scary, scary, nightmares. Moral of the story, DON'T have sex. You will end up having octuplet's. So much worse than an STD. I guess go for it, though. If you are into that whole torture thing. Dirty masochists!
P.S. Is 8:55pm too late to make tacos?

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CholE said...

Eat your tacos.