Friday, January 11, 2008

I would love to sleep right now.

I am tired, I should go to bed since I am going to be cleaning all day tomorrow, but I just can't keep my mind from going wild every single time I close my eyes. "Did so-and-so reply to me on stupid facebook?" "Why does Jake drool so much?" "Is there a chore that I needed to do that I forgot to put on my list?" "Cleaning all day is going to suck and it probably wont even look that great when I'm done." "At least it'll be cleaner than Dan's house." "I should never host a party ever again, they stress me out." "Should I make a mix cd to play during Lindsay's party." " Mix cd? How 90's is that!" And so on. Except in doesn't end for a long time. I usually take an hour to fall asleep. 30 minutes of Jake cuddling me, he falls asleep right away and the drooling begins. And then another 30 minutes of so many stupid thoughts.
I want to go back to London. I miss it. Leaving the country sounds nice.

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