Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snowball fight!

Pretty snow! Dead tree branches look so much better with snow covering it!

The first group that did the snow ball fight. It got much bigger.

Chole, Dom, and me!! So fun!

Mean old Kate hit poor old Chole with a snowball.

Dom. We were trying to hit him with a snowball. No luck. He's such a tiny target.

What do you think a photographer would be more concerned about, their camera getting wet or capturing a moment? I think a real photographer will do anything for the possibility of an amazing picture. Even risk their camera. I did, so obviously I think that is what a real photographer would do. What do you think, Chole?? You will have an opinion. Or anyone else for that matter.


CholE said...

First of all, I want to tell someone other than Dominic... I FRICKIN' LOVE THAT HAT ON HIM! It looks SO good! don't you think?!?!? lol.

I donno Jenn, if you capture the moment and fuck up your camera in the process what good is capturing that moment?

K8 said...

Those were some good times. Glad you could come!