Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My day.

Lindsay is crazy. She is putting a diaper on a donkey.

Today was my grandma's 84 birthday. We went out to eat. Yummy.

We went to the snow play area on Sandia and we had fun until Jake said, "Jenny, where is my ring?" He lost his wedding ring on the hill in a bunch of snow. Some body break out the metal detector! Oh, and I was frozen. I was smart enough to wear my chucks and forgot to change shoes when I had the chance. I remembered keeping Lindsay warm but forgot about my poor toes. Oh and when I took Linny down the hill I face planted her. Oops.

Obviously this photo of Jake was taken before he realized what he lost.

I had a whole huge paragraph at the top about a dumb idea of mine. I chopped it. I re-read it and said, "I really am dumb." I wish I knew how to write well. I don't. I can paint, I'm creative, I can act well, and I know to snap a pretty picture (but I'm no Chole). I can not write, I am not articulate without a script, I can't roller blade/ roller skate (that is not really important just something I always wished I could do a tiny bit). I wonder what it would be like to be really good at all of the other things I am bad at. You know how they say people are either right or left brained (I don't know which is which). What would it be like to switch brain sides?

Jackie O. was gorgeous. Is she still alive?

This is a weird blog. I should cut it off before it gets weirder. Done. Anyone else read this stuff except for Nichole? No, thought not.

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