Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recent Pictures.

Just an update on some recent pictures I have taken.

This reminds me of The Jungle Book.

Some of my mommy's pretty flowers.

I love the color of this one.

I love hummingbirds!!!!

Can you tell?

This chick was so mean!! I didn't get many in focus shots of her because she was so fast and was attacking everyone.

She was very excited about swimming in her pool!
I love this camera. It is the most awesome wonderful thing I have ever owned!


CholE said...

great shots, jenn! love number six of the hummingbird shots! can't wait to shoot with you real soon! xo.

trenchmonkey said...

Sweet! Looks like the two of you are getting along real well, Jenn. Glad I could help you with the dee fitty. :):)

Just Jenn said...

Yes, me and Camera (name pending) are getting along like two twins separated at birth! You's the MAN!