Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Happy Birthday to me! It's been a great birthday so far. Yes, it is only 8 am and most of the people I know are not even going to consider waking up for another four hours, unless they had to go to work. So Jake is the only one who has wished me happy birthday yet (not including the facebook people.) I went birthday shopping for myself yesterday. I like to shop for myself and Jake knows that so he just says, "go crazy Jenn" and shopping is kind of a present by itself. And tonight I get to go see Cute is What we Aim For with Erin, and I am very excited to see them for the first time. Yay! And Thursday night I am having a birthday party at my parents house, where I get to spend a bunch of time with all of my favorite people! And people I haven't seen in months (that really needs to stop happening Nichole!) So once again it seems I get a birthday week not just a day. I am such a lucky girl!

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