Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally leaving!

My mini family and I are finally leaving Sun Village! Our lease goes up on August 7th and we get to leave before then. We are moving to a 55+ community called La Terraza. We get to move into this apartment because it's against the law to say a type of person can live in one place and that's it so they set aside a few units for people under 55 years old. We're just very under 55. Hopefully they wont hate us but it should be ok because we are quiet people and other quiet people around us is going to be so awesome. It is located very close to Coors and I-40 and will really only add ten more minutes to our drive into central Abq. We are actually moving closer to a few of our friends and my parents so that is going to be great. The building itself is only a year old, pretty much brand new. No one has lived in the unit that we are going to live in. All of the appliances are brand new. Washer and drier inside the apartment, more space than what we have now, an out door balcony, three linen closets (which we have none of.), storage on the patio for Christmas junk and stuff we don't need all of the time, and a huge bathroom! The price is great, only ten dollars more than what we are paying now for our shitty place. We are going to start moving on the 30th. Yes, that's June 30th. We get to move in at a very leisurely pace and we aren't going to be paying for two separate places because they were having a special deal. July is free! Awesome.
Of course no place is perfect, there is a draw back. No pool. There is one just down Coors and it's nice I've been there before. It does cost some money but oh well, and there is a hot tub but they have a sign that says no diapers. I'm sure taking her diaper off and letting her swim without one is not what the sign has in mind. so we'll have to deal without.
This place is all Jake and I can think about! I can not wait to start moving! I personally like moving. You downsize, everything gets so clean and reorganized. And it's oddly therapeutic. We need boxes, though. If you have any it would be awesome if we could use some. We'll give them back if you need them. Also I knew we were making a mistake by not have a truck driving friend around for moving. Cavaliers, focus', yaris', and all of those other tiny cars are useless for moving.
I think I managed to remember all of the details correctly. I hope I didn't leave anything out.

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